Courier Distribution Systems values people with skills, professionalism and dedication. We are open to people who can demonstrate the right qualities to become a part of our enthusiastic team. Interested candidates may complete and submit the following form. Our HR department will contact you within 48 hours.

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CDS couriers provide door-to-door delivery service for a variety of clients, including law offices, banks, and hospitals. Most workers specialize in local deliveries, often in large urban areas. Packages delivered may include important legal or financial documents, passports, and medical samples that senders are unwilling to entrust to other means of delivery. Couriers receive their instructions either in person or by cell phone or two-way radio. With this information, they plan the most efficient route and delivery schedule.


Founded in 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Courier Distribution Services began and flourished as a courier service that was dedicated to an excellence in service quality. In an effort to expand business and courier services, CDS decided to venture out to Madison in 2005 and now CDS has established its headquarters in the Metro Atlanta area with eight field offices and agents all over the country.

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