About Us

CDS values people with skills, professionalism and dedication. We are open to people who can demonstrate their qualities to become a part of our enthusiastic team. Click Here to complete an application and our HR department will contact you within 48 hours.

Courier Distribution Systems, established in 2001, was founded with the ambition of being the leading name in dedicated courier, freight and logistics services in the United States. For the past 13 years, CDS has been committed to providing quality and efficient service and has built a reputation for reliability, consistency and competitive pricing.

With a workforce supported by more than 100 professionals and a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, CDS has an elaborate network of logistic support. Privately owned, CDS prides itself on being large enough to handle its customer’s needs yet humble enough to give each customer the personal attention and time necessary to deliver results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading courier service in the industry by providing our customers with professional, punctual, cost-effective deliveries. We promise to maintain a customer-centered vision, focusing on maintaining the trust and confidence that has emerged as a binding force in our firm.
We do more than deliver letters and boxes in a timely manner; we carry progress, we drive growth,
we deliver excitement. Every day we connect the dots, scattered across the county – we unite people.


Founded in 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Courier Distribution Services began and flourished as a courier service that was dedicated to an excellence in service quality. In an effort to expand business and courier services, CDS decided to venture out to Madison in 2005 and now CDS has established its headquarters in the Metro Atlanta area with eight field offices and agents all over the country.